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Cash Wrap Information

Tecno Display is manufacturing a wide selection of counters or cash counters to fit your every needs. They can be made simple and economical or more sophisticated with numerous added features.The retail industry is a prime customer for cash counters. Apparel stores, gift shops, jewelry stores install them in the central area of their store. Standing behind your cash counter you can observe the general activity in your store and respond to your customers interests. It is the place where you can organize your paperwork and get some work done. The cash counter area of your store is very much of a meeting place. Customers will stop by it to ask questions, start conversations and pay for their purchases. From a manufacturing standpoint our counters should be made easy to use, practical and as a pole of attraction. Straight linear counters are the most commonly used. The basic model will include some open adjustable shelving and a drawer. Lockable storage, additional drawers and a front elevated check writing area may be added. Drawers may be installed next to each other below the top section. They also can be produced as rows. Standard drawers, file drawers, pull out drawers are available. We can manufacture straight linear counters of any width. When over seven feet wide they will be made in sections. All you will need to do is align them, level them correctly and bolt them together tightly. We do follow this procedure to save on transportation costs and avoid any physical damages during unloading and placement in your space. We can cut inserts in the front face of your counter and install an highly visible light box featuring the name of your company or of a brand you wish to promote. We can produce a full range of curved counters. Different sizes and radius are available standard. When considering a custom unit please submit your drawings and blue prints. We will quote you promptly. Quality curved counters are time consuming to manufacture. Therefore we will recommend the most cost effective way to complete your project. A thick wood ledge on the top section of your counter is a very attractive feature. A recessed top section, storage compartments, drawers, adjustable open shelving are all available. You can refer to the current illustration photos on of counters on our website for more information. We will feature additional shots of custom projects as they come.

Cash-wraps also known as points of purchase are cases where people make payment or are received by receptionists. These should have a pleasing appearance since they are often the first case that visitors come in contact with. Tecno Display manufactures cash-wraps in several configurations and sizes, including curved cash wraps. We offer several standard cash-wraps, however most of our customers choose custom cases that meet their specific sizes, shapes and options. Cash counters are where transactions take place, where the register is located. They are also used in the reception area, where visitors are greeted. These reception areas are found in large corporations, doctor and dentist offices, schools, and spas and hairdressers. The list goes on for the uses of cash wraps, as they are used in retail as well as corporate and institutional settings. Cash wraps are generally built using wood. They are produced as individual units to be utilized by themselves or as part of larger configurations of showcases. They are available in a wide variety of laminates and solid wood veneers. They come as linear straight designs, angled units and various radius of curved cash wraps. Depending on your needs they may be equipped with a check writing area, a computer keyboard roll out tray, some open shelving, hinged doors, drawers, sliding doors, recessed space. Holes can also be drilled when necessary for wiring.
Tecno Display manufactures different designs of cash counter wraps for the retail industry and commercial space. They have standard designs and will also make custom designed counter cash wraps to fit your particular needs from curved to rectangular cash counters.

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