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About Tecno Display

Tecno Display is a privately owned business and since 1978 has been manufacturing quality glass showcases and displays.  We have 28,000 square feet of warehouse, production and office space located in Sparks, Nevada, which is a prime location central to the Nevada hub of freight forwarders.  Our modern facility is equipped with up-to-date machinery and follows streamlined and efficient procedures from design and production to shipping. 

What You Should Know About Our Products

We design, manufacture and sell showcases to retail, manufacturing, institutional buyers and private individuals in all types of industries.  Our showcases are tempered glass and ship pre-assembled.  Lighting, locking doors and electrical cords are standard.  They are ready to plug in and use.  We select only quality materials and components in our production.   Laminates, solid wood veneers and custom finishes are available in our cabinetry.  Jewelry showcases can be made with a framed glass area or with the glass to glass look.  Our selection includes a full line of:
      • Tower Showcases
      • Jewelry Showcases
      • Shadow Boxes
      • Cash Wraps
      • Wall Showcases
      • Museum Showcases
      • Countertop Showcases
      • Pedestals and Stands
      • Window Showcases
      • Budget Showcases –lower price but same high quality!
We also do custom work from one piece up to entire store projects.

Advantages of Becoming a Tecno Display Distributor

We offer high quality products teamed with affordable prices resulting in high value for our customers.  We are versatile: we can do small quantities of custom showcases.  Our production is tightly scheduled and on time.  We provide you with progress information along the way.  We update distributors on new products by mail or e-mail regularly.  Tecno is a stable company established for 32 years and our distributors have been enjoying the same growth as we have.  We are not limited to just one or two markets, but have established access to all markets from retail, to optical, jewelry, museum, gallery, gift, government, architectural design, office environments, schools, car dealerships, etc.

Sales Support and Customer Service

We offer continuing help and support in selling our products.   We will assist you in representing our products on your website, in brochures, or literature.  We also supply  our trouble shooting sheets, give you technical support, instructions and descriptions of the products to pass on to your customers, as well as thorough follow up of the sales.  Tecno sends order confirmations with a written quote for your approval.  We also send out shipping notifications with tracking information and receiving instructions.  This can be done to you or directly to your customer when the order ships so that you are fully aware of the progress of the delivery and when it will reach destination.  We can send samples of laminates, veneers, frame color etc. to you or directly to your customers for information and approval.  Warranties that Tecno has on our components are extended to your customers.  Layout drawings and recommendations are available.  We will give you the name of efficient and reputable trucking companies.

Advantages to Our Quick Ship Program

With our quick ship program, you have the ability to close the sale on the spot.  You can give your customer a specific ship date and we guarantee that date.  The showcases are in stock to ship in 1-3 days or less.  Therefore you can get the immediate commitment from your customer without them having time to change their minds.  Everyone is happy to receive a showcase in a week or less.  Our “Quick Ship”program is new, but necessary in these times of fluctuation of the customers needs and business climate.  We will be periodically adding more cases to this program.

What We Promise Our Distributors

We give our distributors ongoing support and spend time developing a long term relationship with them.  Therefore, we make a sincere effort to help our distributors sell our products successfully through constant assistance and suggestions.  This is a two way relationship between Tecno Display and you.  Your customer information is totally confidential in as well as your drop ship addresses.  Lastly, your input and questions are highly expected.  Please call us with any specific needs such as custom showcases, deadline deliveries, etc.  Your success is ours.
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