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Tecno Display Distributors Handbook

Tecno Display manufactures a full line of finely designed and carefully engineered display showcases and store fixtures that are guaranteed to meet the demands of today’s modern consumer. As a solid and steadily growing privately owned company founded in 1976, Tecno Display has since been providing high quality products to different industries; gift, jewelry, optical, schools, universities, museums. Our products have graced major exhibits, fairs, trade shows and compliment government offices and agencies. We are also an established supplier of promotional display showcases.

All products offered in our catalog are manufactured using high quality materials in our modern manufacturing facility. Each showcase is the fruit of careful planning and 35 years of expertise. Tecno Display has perfected the formula for success: use the best raw materials, employ the best people in the field and you are guaranteed to produce the best results.

Client satisfaction is at the heart of our operations here at Tecno Display. We take pride in providing high quality service that complements the high standards we observe in our manufacturing facility. Tecno Display is open to client’s custom requests. Along with our basic offerings, we also provide a variety of finishes, lighting options, security systems, and additional shelving. Customers can design and customize their retail displays and showcases to better fit the requirements of their store, office or home. Our specialists are always on stand by and ready to take your call to help you make the right choices. As an added feature, all our products are shipped fully insured after strict quality control to ensure that they reach you in perfect condition and ready to use.

Product information:

Tecno Display offers a wide variety of products fit for many occasions and purposes. Our product portfolio includes: jewelry showcases, trophy cases, tower showcases, museum showcases, optical showcases, wall display cases, countertops, pedestals and more. We pride ourselves in the exceptional service that our customers receive from us during the consulting, designing, and manufacturing phases. 100% of our products are customizable and we can assist our customers to achieve the exact look and quality of products they are searching for. Tecno Display also offers a Displays4Less collection featuring quality built cases at very competitive prices.

Free standing towers:

These towers are pre-assembled (except the knock down GL2), use tempered glass, are lockable and outfitted with fully adjustable shelves (except for GL121 and GL122 curved glass). Towers come in square, rectangular, round and oval configurations. Mirror backs are available as an option on many models. The standard top lights are LED top lights and LED sidelights are available upgrades. Free standing towers have a mirrored deck. All have an electrical cord with a switch. Unless otherwise specified the cord is located at the bottom cabinet. All our towers are on casters, unless levelers are requested. Cabinets are available in our pre-laminated level 1 finishes and in level 2 laminate which includes custom laminates. Most showcases are also available in solid wood veneer with a variety of stains.

Wall Display Showcases:

They are all pre-assembled (except for knock down GL1), tempered glass, lockable and with fully adjustable shelves (except for GL123 curved glass). They are available in rectangular shape of various widths. Mirror backs and solid backs are available as an option on most models. Most wall display showcases have a mirrored deck. All have an electrical cord with a switch. Unless otherwise specified the cord is located at the bottom of the cabinet. Casters and levelers are available on our wall showcases. For showcases over 40” wide we may recommend the stronger 3/8” thick tempered glass for your shelves. Cabinets are available in our pre-laminated level 1 finishes and 2 laminates which includes custom laminates. Most showcases are available in solid wood veneers with a variety of stains. Moldings on the top and bottom cabinets may be changed or customized.

Jewelry Display Cases:

All our jewelry display cases are pre-assembled, tempered glass and lockable. We have quarter vision, half vision and full vision jewelry showcases in as well as corner cases. Jewelry cases may be regular stand up cases 42” high or sit down showcases. They are available with glass sides on the top glass display area or with solid wood sides. Glass sides on successive showcases placed one next to the other (see GL 108) will allow for total lateral visibility from one showcase to the other. Solid wood sides on a jewelry showcase (GL 113) will guarantee and focus the viewing on the items in only that showcase (see GL 108). Options such as mirror doors, laminated mirror doors, solid wood doors, drop down doors, pull out trays, pull out decks or drawers may be added to most jewelry showcases. Jewelry cases may be manufactured with a frame all around the top glass section or with a front glass to glass construction for direct visibility of the products. All jewelry showcases are equipped with an individual cord and a switch. However, when used in a configuration we can install the electrical so that they may be directly connected to one another using flex tubing. All our jewelry showcases are modular, can be used by themselves singly or in an island, full store configuration. Our jewelry display cases are available on casters and also levelers. Levelers will allow you to align the showcases perfectly along and next to each other, all at the same height. Most showcases are available in our standard pre-laminated level 1 finishes in as well as in our listed level 2 laminates which includes custom laminates. Jewelry showcases are also available in solid wood veneers with a variety of stains. Double and single frame moldings are used to accentuate and define the front section of the bottom cabinets. All our counter jewelry display cases can be customized to fit your specific needs.


Tecno Display pedestals are available in square and rectangular shapes. Some models are solid and others with lockable storage (ST).
Pedestals can have a lockable tempered glass display section (PED100, PED101, PED102). The display area may have a top in glass or a top cabinet with lighting (GL112).They come standard on casters and optional on levelers. Lighted pedestals have an electrical cord with a switch at the base cabinet. Some of our pedestals (such as GL 112 and GL 137) can be built with a slide out deck for better presentation of the goods. Pedestal are available in our pre-laminated finishes level 1 in as well as in our listed level 2 laminates which does include custom laminates. They also can be ordered in solid wood veneers with a variety of stains in as well as decorated with single or double frame moldings.

Shadow boxes:

Pre-assembled, with tempered glass, lockable and with fully adjustable shelves, they are available in various shapes and sizes from rectangular to square and also angled corners (C13). They come with a straight linear front face cabinet (C12) and also with a curved front face (C16). The top cabinet has the standard LED lighting which are placed every twelve inches. The top of the shadow boxes can be ordered as solid glass. ­­­­­­­­­­There is a choice of clear glass, mirror or solid backs. We build shadow boxes in custom sizes, all that is needed are the width, height, depth, number of shelves and type of lighting. We manufacture them from very small to substantially large sizes. All are supplied with the necessary hardware to mount them on your walls.

Cash wraps:

We manufacture a wide variety of cash wrap stations and counters for all types of retail environments and purposes. Our basic cash wrap model is the CC 100 with a number of standard features such as a drawer, a locking storage with hinged door and open shelving. We offer the CC 100 in a number of lengths, from two feet to twenty feet long and as deep as requested. Additional drawers, a check writing area, more shelving, additional locking storage, pull out trays can be installed. The lead time on custom work is very short. In addition, we can build a wide array of custom cash wrap stations as per customer’s drawings and specifications. Please refer to the cash wrap section of our website for some enlightening illustrations of what we offer.


Our Displays4Less series:

Using the same materials and quality standards as for our other products we offer this economical line of showcases. They are only available in three cabinet finishes and additional options are not available. The designs and construction has been streamlined to produce a sturdy, elegant and reliable fixture. Savings are made through the streamlined production of these models. All Displays4Less models can be shipped within three days. 



On our free standing towers, wall display showcases, jewelry counter showcases, cash wraps, pedestals and shadow boxes the following features can be easily modified in most instances:
. Overall height, width, depth
. Height of base and/or top cabinets
. Increase or decrease of the glass area
. Adding or subtracting shelves
. Change the extrusion finish from suggested assorted finish to other.
. Adding top lighting to already standard lighting
. Custom finishes on cabinetry.

For each group of standard showcases many additional options are available. Please refer to our website for further information.
Tecno Display will also manufacture totally custom display cases upon receipt and review of your line drawing. We will quote you promptly. We are able to supply custom fixtures in small numbers and large quantity runs and at affordable prices.


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