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New LED top light, side lights, and jewelry lights

July 9, 2012

Dear Distributor,

More and more, prospects and customers are asking for their display cases to be equipped with different options of LED lighting.

LED metal poles are a sure and effective way to bring clear white lighting inside a jewelry counter case and a glass top pedestal.

For many jewelers, collectible dealers, coin resellers, and opticians, showing all the details of any given item right in front of their customers will in fact close the sale and definitely make a strong point of what they are offering.

With that in mind, we are now offering the four models of LED stands that LED lit.  All of them are mounted in a stained wood base and with a plug-in transformer.


They can be used or displayed on a showcase, desk, cash wrap, or counter and require minimal space.



They will highlight the details of any products right in front of all eyes.


The LED stands depicted here are available now.


Patrick Lowe
[email protected]
te.510.782.5600 ext.115

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