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New LED top light, side lights, and jewelry lights
  • GL107
  • Standard
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  • Dimensions
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    The GL107 is an angled jewelry display case that can be a reversed corner. These cases are produced as individual units, but may be produced as part of a large configuration with multiple showcases. If reversed, this angled jewelry display case features a storage with locking sliding doors. The GL107 is a serviceable jewelry case that will exhibit your rich collection.

  • Frame or frameless
  • Choice of black, silver or gold frame
  • LED light bar
  • Locking hinged glass door
  • Locking two hinged glass doors if reversed
  • Cabinet storage with locking hinged door
  • Cabinet storage with locking sliding doors if reversed
  • Levelers
  • Electrical cord with switch
  • Available with half-vision and full-vision glass area. Please refer to GL110 and GL109 for configurations
  • LED pole lights
  • Drop-down door
  • Mirror door
  • Solid door
  • Mirror deck
  • Locking drawers
  • Shelf in cabinet storage
  • Cabinet molding
  • Locking wheels
  • Width: 44.5"
  • Depth: 20"
  • Height: 39" or 42"
  • Height glass area: 9" or 12"
  • Height base cabinet: 30"
  • Height toe kick: 4"
  • Weight: 130 lbs
  • Crated weight: 216 lbs

Quarter-Vision Corner Jewelry CaseGL107
Quarter-Vision Corner Jewelry Case

Quarter-Vision Corner Jewelry CaseGL107
Quarter-Vision Corner Jewelry Case

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